Timberwolves Video of the Week: Timbertrolls 2013

The Timbertrolls burst onto the scene last year and I couldn’t be happier!  They do some tremendous work.  Their latest video is a nice preview of the 2013 squad.  Two particular highlights from this piece:

  • Excellent use of the movie ‘White Men Can’t Jump’
  • A cameo appearance from Ivan Drago never disappoints

Here are two things I hope to never see again that were included in the video though:

  • Kevin Love “raising the roof” coming back down the court
  • Those cursed Muskies uniforms – please, if we are going to wear throwback uniforms this season, please use the ones from 1989

The Timbertrolls need a new Anthony Tolliver though.  Who is going to replace AT – only time will tell, but my vote goes to Alexey Shved.  Keep up the good work Timbertrolls!