Timberwolves Video of the Week: Larry Fitzgerald Shaves Kevin Love’s Head for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This week’s Timberwolves Video of the Week involves not only Kevin Love, but Minneapolis’ own Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals. In an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer and show support to those women who lose their hair while undergoing chemo therapy, K-Love brought in a perennial superstar (and apparently decent barber) to turn K-Love into a Moby look-alike.

I have to say, I dig the new hair style. K-Love seems to make anything work – and look cool for that matter – but it’s too bad we can’t see Love in action until probably around mid-December. In all seriousness, I think it was a very noble thing that both Love and Fitz did in making a video tribute to raise awareness to the horrible, family-debilitating cancer, as no one should have to lose a loved one in the way that Fitz did.