VOTW – Gorgui Dieng

Continuing to focus on the Timberwolves’ 2013 draft results, this week’s VOTW takes a look at the 21st pick in the draft, Gorgui Dieng.  Similar to our VOTW featuring Shabazz Muhammad, we are going with an upload from Draft Express.  However, rather than using their full preview for Dieng, I thought this video was pretty fascinating.

On June 1st, Gorgui Dieng held a pre-draft workout for teams.  As an added bonus, you will see/notice that Brian Scalabrine and Will Perdue helped with the workout.  (The lesson here is that you can never pass on a VOTW that includes Brian Scalabrine.)  Draft Express uses Dieng’s interview as a voiceover while showing the highlights from the workout.  His answers to questions caught my attention, as everything Dieng said felt like the right answer and came off very professionally.  He said he didn’t care if he was drafted in the lottery or in the second round and that he was just looking forward to playing in the NBA and learning. [Read more…]