Sources: Brandon Roy to the Timberwolves?

If you are a Timberwolves fan, there is some level of pain/embarrassment/anger when the name Brandon Roy comes up. Memories emerge of draft night 2006, the night that Twolves brass decided to draft Roy with the 6th overall pick, only to trade him later that night for the 7th pick, Randy Foye. The two players could not have taken different paths in their professional careers as Roy quickly became one of the most feared shooting guards in the league while Foye became a mere afterthought for an organization in desperation mode. After several arthroscopic surgeries on both knees, Roy decided to call it quits at the tender age of 26 due to a lack of cartilage in his knees. In one of his final games as a Trail Blazer, Roy, having been demoted to a reserve role, scored 18 fourth quarter points in game 4 divisional series comeback win against the Dallas Mavericks, recapturing the national spotlight and providing hope that there was still a future for Roy despite his degenerative knees.

After retiring and sitting out this past season, Roy has been working back into NBA playing shape in an attempt to make a comeback to the game he loves. Ironically, this time he could come back as a…you guessed it… Timberwolf. Former Portland lead assistant and current Timberwolves assistant coach Bill Bayno has remained very close with Roy and Bayno has reportedly convinced Timberwolves brass that signing Roy would be worth the risk. With word coming out that Minnesota is set to offer Roy a two year pact when free agency begins next week, Wolves fans may soon have their chance to see the guy who slipped away in home colors. While Roy may never return to being the All-Star player that he once was, many NBA teams are intrigued at the possibility of adding a proven veteran and scoring punch off of the bench. Roy would not be a definite answer to Minnesota’s 2-guard woes, but he could certainly help and it would be satisfying to finally witness him in the uniform he should have worn his entire career.

Photo Credits: Getty Images