Timberwolves Release 2012-2013 Broadcast Schedule

The Timberwolves released their regular season broadcast schedule today and with it came the announcement that 78 of the 82 regular season games would receive local TV coverage, which is a franchise record in terms of the number of games being covered locally.  This has much less of an impact on me given my reliance on NBA League Pass to watch our Timberpups anyway.  However, I do recall a lot of fellow fans having legitimate gripes about missing coverage on several big games over the past few years.

I’ve always found the “lack” of regular TV coverage to be odd.  I’m used to every, single game being available here in this area of the country for the two local teams – NY and NJ/Brooklyn.  That said, I do think that this is a positive step for the franchise and for its fan base.  This team seems to be building its relevancy in the local area and there is a good amount of positive buzz in the air.

Within the link above, the Timberwolves online team dropped in the full season’s schedule.  Here’s a list of games that are on the radar:

  1. Whenever it occurs, the first “must see” game is when Ricky returns to the lineup.  I can’t wait for this game on the schedule, even though we have no idea when it is going to be.
  2. Friday, 11/2 vs. Sacramento – the start of the season is always a good thing, right?
  3. Monday, 11/5 at Brooklyn – I might try to venture over to Brooklyn to view this in person.  This has to be on a Monday?  Damn you scheduling gods/goddesses!
  4. Friday, 11/23 at Portland – The day after Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) and we get to play the team that some are considering as our rival.  Nice!
  5. Wednesday, 12/5 at Boston – Our road game vs. KG and the Celtics.  Boston doesn’t come to Minnesota until April Fools’ Day (insert snide comment here), so this will have to do.

There are a lot of intriguing games early on in the season.  What games do you have your eyes on and why?  Let us know in the comments below.

Let’s go Wolves!

Photo Credits: Basket Wallpapers