2013 Mock NBA Draft – Version 2.0

Welcome to Version 2.0 of the Timberpups.com 2013 Mock Draft. We will be updating the mock draft often, so check back with us soon.

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  1 Washington Cody Zeller PF/C Indiana Soph 6’11” / 240

Analysis: Washington can go in a lot of directions here. Recently, they’ve drafted some solid lengthy, athletic swingmen, so I’m going to pick them to take one of the most polished offensive big-men in the game, Cody Zeller. He will bring an offensive-mindedness to their frontcourt that they are lacking. He can play either big man positions, so he should be a large part of their rotation from day one.

  2 Charlotte Nerlens Noel C Kentucky Fresh 6’11” / 225

Analysis: Charlotte should be very excited about this draft as they have the ability to solve problems in their front court right away. Biyombo was a solid pick, but he’s still only 20 and needs time to develop. His 6’9″ frame isn’t quite big enough for true centers unless your name is Ben Wallace, so I think Charlotte can hit a home run on this pick with Nerlens Noel. Noel is quickly improving in the college game and works his tail off at both ends of the floor. He will add to the competivitive and hard-working mentality that Michael Jordan has injected in this team with his last two picks, Kemba Walker and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

  3 Cleveland Shabazz Muhammad SG/SF UCLA Fresh 6’6” / 225

Analysis: Cleveland will benefit greatly if Shabazz isn’t taken top two as he can come in and take the scoring load off Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters right away. Many people questioned the Waiters pick last year, but so far it’s been looking much better than people thought. Drafting Muhammad adds another large dose of versatility to this young team with a lot of promise. He can play SG in big lineups and SF in small lineups. Tristan Thompson and Tyler Zeller look like a solid future frontcourt, and while there won’t be much depth, Shabazz is as NBA ready in both body and skill as any freshmen in the draft.

  4 Phoenix Ben McLemore SG Kansas Fresh 6’5” / 195

Analysis: Anyone who has watched McLemore knows this guy’s greatest strength is his athleticism. What most people forget is that he’s a deadly jump shooter as well. Despite such impressive talent, he is remarkably unselfish and great at playing within Bill Self’s system. Phoenix is a team that is a bit unsure of their identity at this point with the departure of Steve Nash; but Goran Dragic seems to have continued Nash’s role with a similar offense. This team needs beef up front, so if Gortat leaves they’ll probably hope Zeller or Noel falls or reach for Len, but if they can keep Gortat, this team would benefit greatly from drafting McLemore. Phoenix has two solid pass first PG’s in Dragic and Marshall, but Shannon Brown is a ‘tweener guard and Wesley Johnson has continued to be a bust, so a big, sharp-shooting 2-guard is exactly what this team needs.

  5 New Orleans Anthony Bennett SG/SF UNLV Fresh 6’7” / 240

Analysis: Anthony Bennett is a guy most people have heard of in the mock draft discussion as a top pick, but many haven’t seen him since UNLV doesn’t get quite as many nationally-televised games as the schools his fellow future draftees attend. New Orleans hoped to have filled more spots on their team after two top-10 picks this last year, but Davis has been injured on and off and Rivers just hasn’t adjusted well to the NBA gameflow yet. Nonetheless, they are both going to be important going forward. Davis is no doubt the future center for this squad, and Rivers’ game will come around. To support them, another solid swingman will help them out greatly. Combining Bennett with Ryan Anderson will make this team very dangerous from beyond the arc and tall up front.

  6 Oklahoma City Alex Len C Maryland Soph 7’1” / 240

Analysis: To the victors, go the spoils. OKC has had some great drafts and that has indirectly allowed them to move up to this spot here. Oklahoma City has almost every position on the floor locked up for the future and then some. The only spot they have some question marks is the center position. Lucky for them, Alex Len will be sitting in the draft room waiting for their call. OKC doesn’t need a center a lot as they oftentimes go with “smaller” lineups and generally use Perkins to start games and for matchup purposes, but now they will be afforded the opportunity to have a center in Len who can perform at both ends of the floor. He has great footwork and basketball IQ for a guy his size and age. He will have time to develop and work his way into the rotation which oftentimes really helps big men in transitioning to the NBA.

  7 Detroit Otto Porter SF Georgetown Soph 6’8” / 205

Analysis: Detroit takes another hard-working, high basketball IQ Hoya in this draft that will bring more tenacity and toughness to the Pistons roster. The Pistons have a talented group of guys, but many of them play different styles of basketball and are being forced to play out of position. The Pistons have been blessed with two solid big men in Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe that balance each other out well. Brandon Knight has strong PG skills that make him a crucial piece to the puzzle, but after that we have Point Guards who shoot first, and Power Forwards that would prefer to play on the perimeter. Otto Porter will give this team a true small forward in that he has the size to bang on the inside, but the versatility to handle the perimeter game as well. His numbers aren’t as high as many due to Georgetown’s style of basketball, but the Hoyas play as good of defense as anyone in the country and their offense requires a great deal of basketball fundamentals.

  8 Orlando CJ McCollum PG/SG Lehigh Senior 6’3” / 190

Analysis: The first upperclassmen of the draft comes out a mid-major school. The Magic will take a page out of the Trail Blazers book last year and go for a mid-major PG. Damian Lillard worked out well, and I believe that McCollum will as well. He’s out for the year so I don’t think much will happen to his draft stock. He’s a smart player who sees the whole floor and can score on his on as well. This dual-threat PG will come in to a Magic franchise that has a similar player in Jameer Nelson, but because of McCollum’s size, I think he will find a way to be more successful especially on the defensive end. Orlando has plenty to draft, but a solid NBA-ready point guard is at the top of the list.

  9 Sacramento Michael Carter-Williams PG Syracuse Soph 6’6” / 185

Analysis: There are very few point guards from major programs that have averaged as many assists as MCW is for Syracuse this season. Simply put, he is the best distributor in college basketball, and everything after that is a bonus. He’s got amazing length, he’s a great defender, and when he’s not making his teammates better, he can put the ball on the floor, and he can knock down the open shot. He tends to turn the ball over quite a bit, but I’m from the belief that it’s easier to learn to avoid bad decision-making than it is to develop the facilitator skills that he owns. Sacramento does not have anybody on their team that is pass-first, so MCW will hopefully come in and inject this team with his unselfishness and allow more guys to play off the ball. The Tyreke Evans days for the Kings are numbered.

  10 Philadelphia Mason Plumlee C/PF Duke Senior 6’11” / 240

Analysis: Simply put, the 76ers need more size, and they have not really recovered from the loss of Elton brand as Andrew Bynum has not played a game yet. They could try to hit a homerun with this pick, but Mason might be having the best season this year in college basketball and will come in and give the 76ers a lot of strength and size up front.

  11 Dallas Willie Cauley-Stein C Kentucky Fresh 7’0” / 245

Analysis: This team has had a lot of flux since their championship run, so it’s no surprise that they are struggling a bit with chemistry and identity. Cuban might try to make a run at a guy like Dwight Howard with the plethora of cap room they’ll have, but more likely I think they will resign themselves to the rebuilding process. Willie Cauley-Stein will help them regain some of their defensive identity that they owned during their more successful seasons when Tyson Chandler was the anchor. Cauley-Stein is very young, but there are lots of good leaders and veterans on this team that will push him grown into a true NBA center.

  12 Phoenix Rudy Gobert C France INT 7’1” / 230

Analysis: Phoenix goes fishing overseas to possibly replace or at least back-up Marcin Gortat. This is a risky pick, but one that could pay off as several international players have succeeded in the deliberate-styled offense of the Phoenix Suns.

  13 Minnesota Isaiah Austin PF/C Baylor Fresh 7’0” / 205

Analysis: Many teams are not sure what they are going to get with Austin and that’s why the top-5 talent has sunk to low lottery. He hasn’t begun the progression to be true big man, and still finds himself on the perimeter too often. It’s great to see a 7-footer comfortable with the ball on the perimeter, but at some point he must take advantage of his size and develop post tenacity. His body will take some time to develop, but with Kevin Love and Nikola Pekovic banging around on the inside, Austin will learn what it is firsthand and right off the bat what it means to be a tough, gritty post player.

  14 Charlotte Alex Poythress PF Kentucky Fresh 6’8” / 215

Analysis: Charlotte is filling their needs with high energy players, and they’ll take another Wildcat in this draft to help solidify the frontcourt. Poythress has looked like the most solid freshmen Wildcat at times due to his versatility, and for that same reason I think he’ll fit into this system.

  15 Milwaukee Archie Goodwin SG Kentucky Fresh 6’5” / 195

Analysis: Another Wildcat freshmen comes off the board with Archie Goodwin who most likely replaces the departing Monta Ellis. Both have talent at finishing around the basket, yet both have a very different way of getting there. Despite only being 6-4, Goodwin will shore up some of Milwaukee’s shortcomings defensively in the backcourt and keep pace with Brandon Jennings on the offensive break.

  16 Atlanta Glenn Robinson SF Michigan Fresh 6’6” / 210

Analysis: Atlanta does not have a true small forward, and Glenn Robinson will have no problem filling that role. He’s got the basketball genes and already one of the most developed freshmen bodies. He’ll be able to squeeze into the Hawks rotation between Josh Smith and one of the Hawks many shooting guards. Robinson brings a little bit of everything to the game, and that is exactly what Atlanta could use at this point.

  17 Utah Dario Saric PF/SF Croatia INT 6’10” / 225

Analysis: Utah has gone out of the country before and may do so again to replace the possible departures of Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap. Saric has some great versatility which will make him valuble to the Jazz team which may undergo a lot of changes over the next year. Saric has good size and the standard European skill set which will make him very useful.

  18 Boston Marcus Smart PG/SG Oklahoma State Fresh 6’4” / 225

Analysis: Boston can hit a homerun if Marcus Smart falls all the way into their lap. So many teams are trying to avoid the hybrid guards, but with the size Rondo brings, and the versatility of Paul Pierce, Courtney Lee, and Jason Terry, Smart will be able to take his time in finding the role that is best for him. They are already stacked in their backcourt, but we know the Celtics take the best guy available, and in this situation that will be Smart. The Celtics are working hard to revitalize their team with youth, and this big, athletic guard who can score and distribute could be a very big piece.

  19 Atlanta James McAdoo PF North Carolina Soph 6’9” / 230

Analysis: The Hawks have another pick in the middle of the first round, and this time I see them going after an offensive threat in the frontcourt. McAdoo is great at going to the hoop and finding a way to get the ball in bucket despite traffic. He’s got a nose for scoring and is especially effective when he doesn’t have to be directly under the hoop. He’s another guy, like Josh Smith, who they could give minutes to at the 3 if he develops a bit more of a jumpshot, so the Hawks could definitely be interested in landing this talented Tar Heel

  20 Denver Tony Mitchell PF North Texas Soph 6’8” / 235

Analysis: Tony Mitchell is solidly built and can play great defense at either forward position, and although he’s struggled more his sophomore year. Yet his athleticism makes him a potential threat on offense especially in an uptempo setting. He’ll be very similar to Kenneth Faried in that he’s a tenacious rebounder and has great shot-blocking skills, but with more size, he’ll be able to play along side Faried and help the Nuggets dominate any team’s frontcourt athletically.

  21 Brooklyn LeBryan Nash SF Oklahoma State Junior 6’7” / 230

Analysis: Nash has been the focal point of the Cowboys offense from the day he stepped on campus, and that may be the reason that he has not been able to focus on his fundamental development as much as he needs to. He is an athletic monster compared to most of the college basketball players he faces daily, so he has relied on his physical gifts to help him succeed. The Nets are a team with lots of big, athletic scorers like Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace, so I think Nash will benefit from playing with these guys.

  22 Chicago Kentavious Caldwell-Pope SG Georgia Soph 6’5” / 205

Analysis: Caldwell-Pope has a great upside as an off-ball scorer, and that will be his calling card if he is drafted by the Bulls. The Bulls have Rip Hamilton holding down the 2-spot with that exact role in mind. When Derrick Rose is breaking down defenders and pulling in the help defense, it’s great to have shooters on the wings. Caldwell-Pope can be counted on for that. He is also a fairly sizable shooting guard, so he should succeed in Tom Thibodeau’s tough Chicago defense.

  23 Indiana Brandon Paul SG Illinois Senior 6’4” / 200

Analysis: Indiana needs more scoring, and that’s what Brandon Paul does. Every player on Indiana outmatches their opponent physically, but no one besides Danny Granger has the art of scoring down pat. Paul has developed into a premier scorer with the ability to make a bucket from anywhere on the floor. He also has experiences being a floor general for the Illini which will come in handy for the Pacers offense which has so many gifted facilitators.

  24 Utah Trey Burke PG Michigan Soph 6’0” / 190

Analysis: Forgive the broken record, but Trey Burke is a guy who would be top-10 for sure if he was 2-3 inches taller. Burke is as hard of a worker as you’ll find and as stingy a defender. He has competed against some of the best point guards in the college game, and rarely loses that matchup. He thrives in the 2-man game where he can knock down the jumper or finish at the hoop, reading the defense very well. Utah will be psyched if Burke falls to them because he will be able to score, as well as work with the talented, athletic big men that Utah has up front.

  25 New York Gorgui Dieng C Louisville Junior 6’10” / 245

Analysis: Dieng has played plenty of games at Madison Square Garden, and he’ll continue to do so in the NBA. Dieng is a very long player that excels in the pick-and-roll game. He is great at moving towards the basket, catching the ball, and going right up with it. He has work to do at creating his own shot, but makes up for some of his offensive shortcomings on the defensive end. He does a great job at rebounding and blocking shots, two things that the Knicks could definitely use more of.

  26 Minnesota Tim Hardaway Jr. SG Michigan Junior 6’6” / 190

Analysis: Minnesota finds a balanced player to desperately fill in at the shooting guard position. They could look at getting more the small forward type, but with Hardaway’s length, I think this will be a hard guy to turn down. His athleticism will help the struggling backcourt defense in Minnesota and on offense he can create his own shot or come off screens and knock them down. Rubio is going to enjoy playing with a guy that has a dynamic set of offensive weapons and can run the floor with him.

  27 Cleveland CJ Leslie PF/SF NC State Junior 6’8” / 200

Analysis: Cleveland could really benefit from another lengthy player that can play either forward position and compliment Tristan Thompson’s skill set. Leslie has great physical gifts and will give you a solid balance of offense and defense using these attributes. His offense has progressed a lot since coming to NC State as a freshmen, and hopefully his ability to break down players one on one will help the Cavaliers offense

  28 San Antonio Kelly Olynyk PF/C Gonzaga Junior 7’0” / 240

Analysis: Honestly, it doesn’t matter who the Spurs pick here; whoever’s name is called will be an instant contributor to this team. In this scenario they get Kelly Olynyk of Gonzaga. Olynyk is a great hustle player that has a nose for finding the ball and does a terrific job at finishing around the hoop. He is a big player who still moves very smooth throughout the paint on both ends of the floor. His skill set and versatility makes him a great pick for the Spurs. He will find his role on their team right away and get a chance to fight for it.

  29 LA Clippers Jeff Withey C Kansas Senior 7’0” / 235

Analysis: The Clippers have “Lob City” in DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin, but they could use another big man to help keep them fresh. Withey has played with a slew of Kansas guards, and has constantly benefitted from the two-man game and catching the ball around the hoop. His footwork still needs more development, but Withey can bring another weapon to the Clippers frontcourt that could further vitalize their offense and protect the bucket on defense.

  30 Oklahoma City Isaiah Canaan PG Murray St. Senior 6’1” / 200

Analysis: Oklahoma City is stacked from top to bottom at almost every position, except point guard. Isaiah Canaan is a hefty, but quick point guard who can thrive with the ball, but also spot up and shoot it from anywhere on the floor effectively. Westbrook isn’t going to be able to go almost 40 minutes every game every year the way he does. Canaan is an experienced ball player who’s lack of length will not be nearly as overmatched on the Thunder as it would be on many other teams. He is a safe pick that will help stabilize the Thunder’s rotation at the point guard position.

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