Timberwolves Video of the Week: Wolves Devour Pelicans 2/3/13

Welcome back to our Timberwolves Video of the Week (VOTW) series and what a better way to re-launch the series than with visual highlights from a much needed win against the Hornets last Saturday.  The Wolves were on a six game losing streak going into last Saturday’s match-up.  However, they got off to a fast and furious start and never looked back.  It was the first comfortable win for the team in quite some time.

As you will see in the highlights, the Unicorn looks to be making his way back to form.  Shades of Pistol Pete are showing up more frequently as the weeks go by and it looks like Rubio’s confidence is starting to grow in his legs. It is always nice to get a win, hopefully we see a bit more of it this homestretch. 

Let’s go Wolves!

Timberwolves VOTW: Kevin Love Fifth Annual Coat Drive

K-Love is back at it with his fifth annual coat drive, and once again capped it off with a hilarious video. All joking aside, this years coat drive was very successful collecting over 2,500 coats which were delivered to the Salvation Army in Minneapolis.

The coats will be provided for those in need of warmth during this cold Minnesota winter, and it is once again a tremendous gesture by Kevin Love and all those involved. All those who made a coat donation received two tickets to either the December 26 matchup with the Houston Rockets or the December 29 game against the Phoenix Suns, all tickets of which were donated by Love.

Timberwolves VOTW: Ricky Rubio Backyard Wrestler

    As we get closer and closer to Ricky Rubio’s return to the court, Foot Locker has launched a new ad featuring the Pups Boy Wonder.  Personally, I think the ad is hysterical but I’m admittedly terribly bias towards anything Rubio is involved with.

    It is pure genius when they cut to the backyard and Rubio “kinda sorta” screams while flexing his muscles.  I can’t imagine how many parody videos that two second clip is going to be a part of for years.  In fact, I nominate that little clip to be used at the start of pregame introductions at the Target Center – at the very least, the first time Ricky is suiting up for the game.  Agree or disagree?

    There were several comments about the ad and it not being a good idea for Ricky to be doing the fake wrestling skit while rehabilitating his knee.  I couldn’t tell if that was oozing with sarcasm or just negativity.  If it was the latter, please loosen up people.  Please, for the good of this country.  (Steps off pedestal)

    Hope to see Ricky in a few more commercials in the near future as the rest of the basketball world is able to take notice of the highlight reel he’s capable of putting in every time he steps on the court.  We’ll just stand by and count the days until his return.

Timberwolves Video of the Week: Jonny Flynn Signs in Australia

    Another Timberwolves lottery pick is now out of the NBA, as earlier this month Jonny Flynn signed with the Melbourne Tigers in Australia’s NBL.  In his press conference, Flynn portrays the likeable persona that enamored David Kahn to select him with the 6th overall pick in the 2009 draft.  It didn’t take long for Flynn to make a positive impact on his new squad.

    Personally, I love the decision by Jonny.  I never understood why NBA players would go play in China and similar markets, when there is a beautiful country further south.  Having been to Melbourne before, I can tell you that the city itself is both beautiful and awesome.  Flynn mentions the lack of a language barrier early in the clip as an added bonus.

    Flynn mentioned that he really only has one friend with him to Australia and that he doesn’t really have much of a support group with him.  This might be a good thing and allow Jonny to really concentrate on basketball and improving his game.  He seems genuinely interested in just playing ball and not worrying about money.  Towards the end he is very honest about his stint in the NBA, including this one liner, “cheerleaders got on the court more than me”.

    Well done and best of luck to Jonny in a country that I absolutely love!

Timberwolves Video of the Week: Top 10 Plays of 2012

In my continued quest to come up with more relevant Videos of the Week for today’s team/roster, this week’s VOTW is a top ten highlight reel from last year’s season.  A few thoughts from the selections made by the team at the NBA:

  • #10 is a block from behind by Anthony Randolph.  On principle, a top 10 countdown from last year’s team should not include anything from AR-15.  We couldn’t put another lob from Ricky to DWill here, really?  It’s also a bit funny that the announcer originally gives credit for the block to Tolliver.
  • #9 and #8 are Kevin Love highlights from his 50 point game in OKC.  These really could have been combined into one.  In aggregate, this performance should be #2 in the list in my opinion.  Also, did we not have 50 lob passes from Rubio to choose from or would that have been too boring?
  • #7 and all the way down through #3 focuses on Ricky Rubio-related highlights.  I guess that answers the question above.  God I love watching this kid play basketball!
  • #3 and #1 could have been combined as well since they include the two big shots from our two big studs to catch and beat the Clippers.
  • #2 is a little anticlimactic from a highlight reel perspective, even if it is a game winner from Ridnour.

In any case, this is just a small sample of how much fun this team was from when they inserted Rubio in the starting lineup until that fateful day when Kobe stuck out his leg and ruined the Pups season.  (I’m only being slightly facetious here)

Let’s go Wolves!

Timberwolves Video of the Week: Larry Fitzgerald Shaves Kevin Love’s Head for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This week’s Timberwolves Video of the Week involves not only Kevin Love, but Minneapolis’ own Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals. In an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer and show support to those women who lose their hair while undergoing chemo therapy, K-Love brought in a perennial superstar (and apparently decent barber) to turn K-Love into a Moby look-alike.

I have to say, I dig the new hair style. K-Love seems to make anything work – and look cool for that matter – but it’s too bad we can’t see Love in action until probably around mid-December. In all seriousness, I think it was a very noble thing that both Love and Fitz did in making a video tribute to raise awareness to the horrible, family-debilitating cancer, as no one should have to lose a loved one in the way that Fitz did.