VOTW – Twolves Rising Stars

While this week’s “Video of the Week” may get your blood boiling if you think back to this era for too long, it should also be a fond memory of some of the few good ole days in the Pups history. Ahmad Rashad hosted ‘Rising Stars’ and in this edition, they focused on the up and coming Twolves Rising Stars.

With Stephon Marbury joining KG and Googs, things looked to be on the up and up and the promise land would be reached in only a matter of time. We know what happened not too far down the road, but rather than focus on the negative, let’s remember the good days of this version of the big three. [Read more…]

Timberwolves VOTW – Christian Laettner Highlights

I cannot tell a lie; while I have been a fan of the Timberwolves since their inception, the drafting of Christian Laettner put my fandom over the edge and drove me to diehard status. Yes, that is a true story and please, do not judge me.   This week’s VOTW takes us back to Laettner’s NBA career with some mixed beats in the background for your listening pleasure. The majority of the highlights here are from his early career in Minnesota and Atlanta. [Read more…]

VOTW – Felton Spencer Meets Mr. Perfect

“With the sixth pick of the 1990 NBA Draft, the Minnesota Timberwolves select … Felton Spencer, Senior, Louisville University” … or something similar to that from Commissioner Stern. Hilarity ensued. This week’s VOTW takes us back to Spencer’s career highlight with the Timberwolves, filming a WWE clip with Mr. Perfect, Curt Hennig. I’m not sure which is worse, Spencer’s acting or Hennig’s form on his jump shot.

For those of you who don’t remember, or never knew, Spencer had an anticlimactic career. The Timberwolves front office managed to ruin any chance he had for success when they went ahead and took Luc Longley with the seventh pick of the 1991 draft. (The franchise has always had a penchant for success on draft night.) Spencer had two decent years in Utah before rupturing his Achilles during the ’94-’95 season. His career never recovered from there as he became an end of the rotation big man for several teams until he retired in 2002.

Enjoy the early 90’s cheesiness of this week’s VOTW!

VOTW – George Mikan

Here’s a real throwback for you – a relatively quick reel on Minnesota’s greatest basketball player, George Mikan.  “The NBA’s first superstar” was the dominant force of the newly named/formed NBA in 1949.  His career numbers tell the story for itself, as Mikan led the Minneapolis Lakers to the NBA title in 1950 and 1952-1954 (along with a BAA title in 1949 – the season before the merger with the NBL).

This YouTube clip starts off with the commercial Mikan filmed for/with Sportscenter – back when SC as I knew and loved it existed.  How often do you find yourself saying “remember when they used to use the chest pass” and other ‘throwback’ moves.  (Insert praise for Ricky Rubio here) [Read more…]

Timberwolves VOTW: Crunch Kills the Miami Harlem Shake

The Minnesota Timberwolves digital team strikes again with another gem.  After the Miami Heat released their Harlem Shake video – which I still don’t fully understand this craze, but that is neither here nor there as I’m 85 years old – the YouTube hits continued to climb.  Well, the Wolves staff countered with this beauty, enlisting Crunch to do the damage to the poor soul in the video.

With almost four million views on YouTube at the time of this posting, we surely aren’t the only ones who loved this week’s VOTW!  Well done Timberwolves, well done!

Timberwolves VOTW: Doug West Highlights

Continuing our throwback theme thanks to the power of the Internet and Youtube, here we find a nice highlight reel and collection of one of the greatest Wolves of all time, Doug West. This seems like an appropriate time to remind you of one of the first articles I wrote for Timberpups was my first and second all-time teams which included Doug West. As you can see in this video, Doug had tremendous athletic ability back in the day.

West was an original Pup, drafted in the 2nd round of the team’s first NBA draft in 1989. While it took him two years to adjust to the NBA and “get it”, he went on to have four solid seasons with the team between’91/’92 through 94/’95. After several down seasons, he was traded to the Vancouver Grizzlies for Anthony Peeler before the trading deadline on 2/18/98.

Enjoy the highlights!

Timberwolves VOTW: Kevin Garnett Wins All-Star Game MVP 2003

In the spirit of All Star Weekend for the NBA, this week’s VOTW takes us back to the 2003 All Star Game, when Kevin Garnett put on a clinic in the double overtime victory for the Western Conference.  While this game might be remembered for its tribute to Michael Jordan … or Mariah Carey’s halftime performance as each and every NBA player laughed in the background … it was KG who took over the game itself, finishing with 37 points on 17-24 shooting.  He also collected 9 rebounds, 5 steals, and 3 assists.  All in a day’s work, even if he did put in 41 minutes.  I’m sure Flip Saunders wasn’t thrilled about that.

Sit back and enjoy the six-plus minutes of highlights of KG.  At the same time, note that KG played in his fifteenth All Star Game this past weekend!  Congratulations KG!