VOTW – JJ Barea

Building off of Zach’s latest player profile, our latest Video of the Week (VOTW) focuses on the one and only JJ Barea.  The compilation of highlights really shows all of the “good JJ” that you need to know and what is possible when JJ plays within the system built around him.  Barea can hit the outside jumper, beat his opponent off the dribble and finish strongly in and around the paint.  When JJ catches fire, watch out because he can carry the offensive load for the team for the remainder of the quarter, half, or game. [Read more…]

VOTW – Nikola!

In an effort to break the stalemate and get Nikola Pekovic’s John Hancock on a new contract, we are making him the feature of the latest Video of the Week (VOTW).  If Nikola signs this week, please give us an ounce of credit.  Thank you in advance.

Pekovic will play a pivotal role for the Timberwolves this coming season, as the team strives to return to the playoffs for the first time in almost a decade, while also celebrating the franchise’s silver anniversary of existence.  Hopefully, Nikola is playing on a long term deal and not the one year, qualifying contract.  This team needs as few distractions as possible, and an impending unrestricted free agency for Nikola could become a disaster.

[Read more…]

VOTW – Gorgui Dieng

Continuing to focus on the Timberwolves’ 2013 draft results, this week’s VOTW takes a look at the 21st pick in the draft, Gorgui Dieng.  Similar to our VOTW featuring Shabazz Muhammad, we are going with an upload from Draft Express.  However, rather than using their full preview for Dieng, I thought this video was pretty fascinating.

On June 1st, Gorgui Dieng held a pre-draft workout for teams.  As an added bonus, you will see/notice that Brian Scalabrine and Will Perdue helped with the workout.  (The lesson here is that you can never pass on a VOTW that includes Brian Scalabrine.)  Draft Express uses Dieng’s interview as a voiceover while showing the highlights from the workout.  His answers to questions caught my attention, as everything Dieng said felt like the right answer and came off very professionally.  He said he didn’t care if he was drafted in the lottery or in the second round and that he was just looking forward to playing in the NBA and learning. [Read more…]

VOTW – Shabazz Muhammad

As you are well aware by now, the Pups took Shabazz Muhammad with the 14th pick in Thursday night’s draft.  I went scouring YouTube to find a short video of highlights from his season at UCLA.  However, I didn’t necessarily find one that I liked.  The reason?  I watched several 1-2 minute long reels and they didn’t have a single assist or defensive highlight in them and that is what I am looking for from Shabazz in order to win me over.  He’s going to have to do those things to win Coach Adelman over and earn his PT.

So I decided to go with Draft Express’ scouting report for our latest VOTW.  While this is quite lengthy, I thought this told the complete story.  Opening up with Muhammad’s measurements from the combine and his stats from his one year at UCLA, you can see that the package is pretty much there.  He has very good size and had good averages in the scoring and rebounding departments. [Read more…]

VOTW – Luc Longley

Two months ago we featured Felton Spencer in a VOTW and now it is time to do exactly what the Timberwolves franchise did back in 1991 and follow-up Spencer with another 7 footer, the Aussie, Luc Longley!  We’re bringing a different level of confusion here, as we continue to feature players from the early years of the franchise.  What great memories, right?  Right?!

This week’s VOTW is a segment from Australia’s ’60 Minutes’ and a feature they did on their hometown (Perth) hero, Luc Longley.  The segment starts off with a number of highlights from Luc’s first season and then they go into the interview with the big fella.  A few thoughts come to mind immediately: [Read more…]

VOTW – Wesley Johnson Pre-Draft Workout

In the spirit of yesterday’s NBA Lottery and the continued lack of luck on the Timberwolves side during said event, let’s take a look back to one of the most painful memories in franchise history. Yes, you read that correctly. I truly believe Wesley Johnson to be one of the top three to five misses in franchise history. This is not an irrational decision to talk about more recent events as “the worst” or anything like that. Boy Scouts salute, I wholeheartedly believe that drafting Wes was an AWFUL decision of somewhat epic proportions.

Take a look at this video, courtesy of Canis Hoopus. Exactly what did David Kahn and company see in this workout to rave about Wes? I stopped counting the number of times I heard a clang on the rim just a minute or two in. He missed five of his first six in the tape and JB decides to move to another spot on the floor. This would be hysterical if he wasn’t drafted weeks later by the same team. To be fair, Wes did get “hot” at that next spot on the floor … but, you do realize this is shooting open jumpers without anyone in his face, right? Where is the Chairman, Yi Jianlian, when you need him for a workout? [Read more…]