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Why would someone who has lived in New Jersey his entire life root for the Minnesota Timberwolves? There’s an easy answer for that – I have no idea. It began back in 1989 when the Twolves began playing in the NBA and pimples started appearing on my face. At that time, I was starting to watch a lot more basketball on TV and playing it on our local streets. I needed a team to root for and as I flipped through basketball cards and watched SportsCenter (when it was relevant/good) it dawned on me that there was a new team starting in the NBA. It was a fresh beginning for the both of us. Fast forward to the draft of 1992 and the selection of Christian Laettner and there was no turning back, I was hooked. For better or worse, with the latter being the easy answer there as well.

I’ve followed the Twolves franchise from “afar” coming across two acquaintances that actually liked the team as well in this area. However, as we talked about the team, I could see that their interest wasn’t as peaked as mine and it left a lot to be desired. Thankfully, the Internet came along not too many years later and I was able to find sites and blogs dedicated to the franchise to keep me in the loop, provide perspective and outside thoughts, and allow me to voice my own opinions (and concerns) on what the franchise was doing and where it was heading.

Speaking of the Internet, why have I joined this site? Within the past week or so, the team here at Timberpups reached out to gauge my interest in writing for the site. To be honest, I was thinking about doing something similar for the upcoming season, but this definitely feels like a better opportunity than starting from scratch. I also like the idea of helping start something new, as the site itself just got off the ground last year. I wouldn’t have agreed to do this if I didn’t feel like I could contribute “something”. Whether it is game day recaps (I love game day diaries, ala Bill Simmons’ draft day recaps and such) or a summary of moves, the draft, the offseason, etc., I hope that you enjoy the future work, and if you don’t, let me know why.

A little bit more about my opinions and feelings on the franchise for some background; I am in no way, shape, or form a homer. I don’t turn a blind eye to (what I view as) mistakes that this franchise has made and continues to make. If I don’t agree with something the team does, you’ll know. There’s no reason to sugarcoat it. I’m not looking for free tickets to the Target Center… although I’ll happily accept them if you offer.

I want to debate the in’s and out’s of what this franchise is doing with other passionate fans. I enjoy seeing other people’s perspectives and will happily engage in some friendly banter. While I’m guilty of this myself in the past, I can’t stand when that banter goes too far and aggressions are thrown out. I am NOT a stat wonk and prefer to form my opinions with my own eyes. Stats help me form or alter my opinions, they do not – nor will not – create them. Sorry in advance.

There’s little to no reason for me to provide you with a history of the Twolves; if you are reading this, you either already know it or are a friend of mine checking this out and really don’t care about it. The Wikipedia page for the Twolves sums things up nicely into the various eras/errors of the franchise. I would probably break up the “Post-KG” era a little differently with “The end of the McHale era” and “The David KAHHHNNNNN era”, but that’s just me.

At some point in August/September, I’ll be putting together summary thoughts on the Twolves offseason for There is just too much fluidity right now as the FA market continues to work itself out. I’m also going to try to find the appropriate Olympics games to provide some perspective on our current and future roster, most importantly ensuring Kevin Love doesn’t get hurt and that Shved and Kirilenko look the part for Team Russia.

Finally, I want to thank the team here at for reaching out to me and presenting this opportunity. I am really looking forward to it and hope I can help the site become a welcoming, regular source of news and opinion for more of Wolves Nation.
Let’s go Wolves!!

Introducing the Three Stars of the Game

Yes, we’re from Minnesota. And yes, we’ve been known to watch a game of hockey or two. With that being said, we got to thinking – why not take a cue from hockey and name the top Three Stars of every game? Without much ado, here she is, the newest addition to the Timberpups blog: Three Stars of the Game.

Check it out and let us know what you think. The top players of each game is certainly up for debate.