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Timberpups.com was founded in January 2012 as a Minnesota Timberwolves blog and Timberwolves fan site, with the sole purpose being to provide fans with Minnesota Timberwolves team news, rumors/speculation, player information, NBA Draft coverage, game recaps/analysis, and other team-related information.

Timberpups was started by two lifelong Timberwolves fans as a way to express views and opinions concerning the team. Along with MN Timberwolves coverage, Timberpups Blog specializes in NBA Draft coverage, providing in-depth prospect profiles that break down each prospects strengths, weaknesses, and projections at the NBA level. The site also provides year round NBA mock drafts, giving a unique perspective to how we think each NBA draft will look come draft day. All selections within our mock drafts are based upon a team’s needs and how the prospect fits within a team’s system, instead of basing selections solely on who the best player available is.

As two avid NBA followers, we combine our diverse and knowledgeable insight in order to create what we believe is the most accurate and honest content on the web.

We view user interaction as a vital element to our site, for it would not be a fan site if the fans were not involved. As Timberpups Blog grows, we will incorporate a Minnesota Timberwolves forum/message board where all NBA fans are welcome to come as they please and post their comments and opinions on the latest happenings and rumblings. We also provide Timberwolves trade speculation and keep readers updated on NBA trade deadline news as it is happening.

Despite the many painful seasons during the Timberwolves history, most notably following the Kevin Garnett era, we see a bright future for the young and improving Wolves team led by Head Coach Rick Adelman. Through the good and the bad, we will always love our Pups and will continue to provide our users with fresh Timberwolves news and commentary.

We appreciate and value all who visit Timberpups Blog and are always open to advice, criticism, or any other inquiries (admin [at] timberpups.com). Thank you for your support, and GO TIMBERWOLVES!

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