New Timberwolves Lights-Out Jerseys

The Timberwolves "Road Alternate" jersey!

The Timberwolves “Road Alternate” jersey!

Tonight’s game at the Target Center had a little bit of an extra bonus/surprise – the new Adidas Timberwolves Lights-Out jerseys with sleeves!  Our rookies, Shabazz Muhammad and Gorgui Dieng posted pictures of these over the past few days, hinting at their arrival:


(Click here for Gorgui Dieng’s Instagram post)

While you have likely seen several teams with the “sleeve jerseys” (we need a better nickname for these please) – The Timberwolves are the only team to don a black colored version.  The team will use these jerseys moving forward as their ‘road alternative’ during certain games throughout the season.  While the jerseys were being developed over the past year, several Wolves players had the ability to provide input on them.

Several teams have released pictures of their “sleeve jerseys” (I’m really begging someone to come up with a new name for these) to “mixed” reviews and feedback.  I tend to like them – particularly the Wolves’ black one here (and the Clippers powder blue version).  I’m glad to see that the Wolves also decided to include the 25 year, anniversary patch on them as well … see the posts from the players above for the patch, as they are not included in the images below.

What do you think of the new “sleeve jersey”, particularly the Wolves version?  Take a look at the images below for a few different shots/angles on the jersey.  For those interested, you can purchase them at now!


Adidas Timberwolves Lights-Out Jersey 2 Adidas Timberwolves Lights-Out Jersey 3 Adidas Timberwolves Lights-Out Jersey 4 Adidas Timberwolves Lights-Out Jersey 5