VOTW – ShvedHappens

In my continued approach to ripping off of Zach’s work to grab new VOTW’s, let’s take a look back at Alexey Shved’s performance in the 2013 Rising Stars game during All-Star weekend.  We covered off on this at the time, but the power of YouTube brings the highlights together in a more concise manner.

Shved put together quite the highlight reel in the Rising Stars game, doing a little bit of everything; dishing the ball off to his teammates on “Team Chuck”, hitting the three pointer, and dazzled the crowd with a number of dunks throughout the game.  At the end of the game however, Alexey wound up missing a couple of dunk attempts in a “dunk-off”.

Maybe that was the writing on the wall for the second portion of the season, as Alexey struggled to find his legs and then looked downright miserable towards the end of the season.  Let’s hope his conditioning is up and that the departure of AK47 doesn’t have any type of negative impact on his game this coming season.

In last Summer’s Olympics, I really enjoyed focusing in on Team Russia and Shved’s game, given he was an unknown commodity to many (including myself).  He was certainly a pleasant surprise, as well as a much needed weapon off the bench for the Pups last year.  Hopefully he can build on those experiences and be a key cog in the machine in 2013/14.

I would be remiss to not mention the #Shvedline that the TNT crew came up with while calling the game: “Shved-Happens”.  A solid B to B+ among all the options and thoughts thrown out there.  What is your favorite #Shvedline?

Let us know down below … and enjoy the highlights from the #Shvedder!