VOTW – Nikola!

In an effort to break the stalemate and get Nikola Pekovic’s John Hancock on a new contract, we are making him the feature of the latest Video of the Week (VOTW).  If Nikola signs this week, please give us an ounce of credit.  Thank you in advance.

Pekovic will play a pivotal role for the Timberwolves this coming season, as the team strives to return to the playoffs for the first time in almost a decade, while also celebrating the franchise’s silver anniversary of existence.  Hopefully, Nikola is playing on a long term deal and not the one year, qualifying contract.  This team needs as few distractions as possible, and an impending unrestricted free agency for Nikola could become a disaster.

One of the most bizarre post moves I can remember is the start of this VOTW – with Pekovic putting the moves on Tim Duncan in the post.  If I knew what a whirling dervish actually was, I would probably use it to describe that one.  There are actually a lot of moments in this VOTW that are worth noting; Pek’s hilarious role in the videos produced by the Wolves digital team (Carmen San Diego) and some grainy footage from Nikola’s earlier days overseas.

The VOTW also covers off on some of the pun-tastic nicknames given to Nikola over the past few seasons.  You can thank Tom Hanneman for several of these.  I tend to lean towards “Pektactular”.  Which one would you side with?

Enjoy the VOTW!  Again, let’s hope that Nikola and his agent put pen to paper this week and we have the big guy locked up for the long term in the very near future.