VOTW – JJ Barea

Building off of Zach’s latest player profile, our latest Video of the Week (VOTW) focuses on the one and only JJ Barea.  The compilation of highlights really shows all of the “good JJ” that you need to know and what is possible when JJ plays within the system built around him.  Barea can hit the outside jumper, beat his opponent off the dribble and finish strongly in and around the paint.  When JJ catches fire, watch out because he can carry the offensive load for the team for the remainder of the quarter, half, or game.

With all of that said, we also know that the “bad JJ” exists and is out there.  As Zach pointed out in the article above, this coming season will be important for JJ and whether or not he becomes a key cog for this franchise or if he becomes a trade asset heading into the deadline.  With two years left on his current contract, JJ will need to show us a lot more “within the system” play for this club.  There are more than enough scorers on the roster now, Barea will have to pick and choose when he looks to exploit the opponent on offense.

In the highlights you will find a good number of highlights from JJ’s best game as a Pup (and one of the best games in franchise history) – the double overtime loss to the OKC Thunder.  Despite the loss, the game itself was highly entertaining, with Kevin Love putting up 51 points and JJ throwing in his first career triple double – 25 points, 14 assists, and 10 rebounds.  Let’s see more of this in 2013/14!

Completely unrelated, the creator of this week’s VOTW picked one of the better background songs I was able to find across JJ highlight clips.  More Ludacris please!  Thank you!

Enjoy this week’s VOTW!