Timberwolves Summer League Preview

Sources exclusive to the Timberpups.com team have confirmed the following: the Minnesota Timberwolves will take part in the Las Vegas Summer League that takes place from July 12th – 22nd.  The Timberwolves announced the roster on Monday and here are our participating Pups:

Luke Sikma returns to the Timberwolves Summer League squad.

Luke Sikma returns to the Timberwolves Summer League squad.


Marqus Blakely
Lorenzo Brown
Kee Kee Clark
John Holland
Othyus Jeffers
Demitri McCamey
Brandon Paul


Robbie Hummel
Solomon Jones
Shabazz Muhammad
Luke Sikma
Mychel Thompson


Gorgui Dieng
Chris Johnson
Phil Jones

As you are likely well aware, NBA TV has picked up coverage of Summer League play in Orlando and in Vegas, so set your DVR’s to record the Timberwolves in action.  Here are the scheduled games for the Timberwolves squad, with a playoff/bracket system in place after these games that begins on Wednesday, July 17th.

Game 1, Saturday, 7/13 at 5:30pm CT: Minnesota vs. NBA D-League (All-Stars, if you will)
Game 2, Monday, 7/15 at 5:30pm CT: Minnesota vs. Phoenix
Game 3, Tuesday, 7/16 at 3pm CT: Minnesota vs. Miami

While I have never put too much stock in Summer League play, I am always intrigued by how the Wolves look on the floor, without trying to overreact one way or another.  With that in mind, here are a few thoughts on what to expect or look for over the next few weeks in Las Vegas.

All Eyes On:

Shabazz Muhammad.  I always look at our first round picks to see how they look relative to competition.  Without knowing what type of minutes the staff plans on giving Muhammad, my expectations are relatively high for our first pick.  He doesn’t have to be spectacular by any means, but he shouldn’t have trouble putting the basket in the hole.  More importantly, I want to see how he rebounds and shares the ball.  (You shouldn’t put much stock in how defense is played in the Summer League.)

Intrigued By:

Mychel Thompson.  Klay Thompson’s brother and the son of ex-NBA player Mychal Thompson, you could easily talk me into giving this kid a shot at the end of the roster.  He has played in the NBADL for the past two seasons after going undrafted in 2011.  His shooting percentages are low, but he does have nice size for the wing positions.

Was Hoping To See:

Some International Pups / Euro Stash.  With the expected moves that Flip and the team have already announced, there really isn’t much room for any of our guys overseas, unless they were willing to take a small amount of guaranteed money.  Despite this, I would have liked to have seen one or two of these guys take their first whirl here in the States.  Most specifically, I’m interested to see Bjelica’s name attached to a travel itinerary to join the club sooner rather than later.

Before taking off for Las Vegas, the Timberwolves will be holding a handful of practices in Minnesota, according to Alan Horton:

Good luck to the Timberwolves over the next few weeks!  Let’s have a healthy Summer League please.