VOTW – Luc Longley

Two months ago we featured Felton Spencer in a VOTW and now it is time to do exactly what the Timberwolves franchise did back in 1991 and follow-up Spencer with another 7 footer, the Aussie, Luc Longley!  We’re bringing a different level of confusion here, as we continue to feature players from the early years of the franchise.  What great memories, right?  Right?!

This week’s VOTW is a segment from Australia’s ’60 Minutes’ and a feature they did on their hometown (Perth) hero, Luc Longley.  The segment starts off with a number of highlights from Luc’s first season and then they go into the interview with the big fella.  A few thoughts come to mind immediately:

  1. Why don’t the Timberwolves wear these inaugural uniforms at least once a year?  I still like them.
  2. I love hearing Kevin Harlan’s voice when watching these old clips.
  3. Jimmy Rodgers … oh boy!

Some enjoyable tidbits and pieces from the special:

  1. His rookie contract made him the highest paid Aussie sports star.
  2. Longley’s red mullet from his Australia/New Mexico days remains awesome.
  3. Luc admits that he missed “the lack of responsibility” that he enjoyed before turning pro.  I’m pretty sure several of his teammates felt that he couldn’t care less about the game at one time or another.
  4. A very dapper Jerry Zgoda makes an appearance in the special! (Shortly after the 6:00 mark!)
  5. The Target Center draft party didn’t seem to take to Longley very well, huh?  Ouch!
  6. Doug West’s “Crocodile Longley” comment made me laugh.
  7. Touching on the NBA’s groupie situation probably didn’t go over well with Luc’s girlfriend … or David Stern.

Hope you enjoy this week’s Timberwolves VOTW!  Here are some oldie but goodie pictures of Luc as well:

Timberwolves Center - Luc Longley Timberwolves Center - Luc Longley