VOTW – Wesley Johnson Pre-Draft Workout

In the spirit of yesterday’s NBA Lottery and the continued lack of luck on the Timberwolves side during said event, let’s take a look back to one of the most painful memories in franchise history. Yes, you read that correctly. I truly believe Wesley Johnson to be one of the top three to five misses in franchise history. This is not an irrational decision to talk about more recent events as “the worst” or anything like that. Boy Scouts salute, I wholeheartedly believe that drafting Wes was an AWFUL decision of somewhat epic proportions.

Take a look at this video, courtesy of Canis Hoopus. Exactly what did David Kahn and company see in this workout to rave about Wes? I stopped counting the number of times I heard a clang on the rim just a minute or two in. He missed five of his first six in the tape and JB decides to move to another spot on the floor. This would be hysterical if he wasn’t drafted weeks later by the same team. To be fair, Wes did get “hot” at that next spot on the floor … but, you do realize this is shooting open jumpers without anyone in his face, right? Where is the Chairman, Yi Jianlian, when you need him for a workout?

The interview with Wes goes right into how he will be able to adjust to the NBA from a defensive standpoint, given his time at Syracuse. This wouldn’t be painfully infuriating if we had not taken Jonny Flynn a year prior and saw similar struggles.

The video then cuts to David Kahn’s interview with the media, where he first gives Jerry Zgoda a good ribbing – although some of Jerry’s questions later on get him back (Flynn vs. Curry). Kahn immediately goes into an excuse for some of the struggles in the workout (his toe). You typically don’t need to make excuses for the players you invite to tryouts. Some doozies from Kahn’s interview: “He has a beautiful stroke”, “He clearly can run”, “He can help us with that (shooting) almost immediately”. Do I even need to follow-up on any of those comments?

Try to enjoy this and remember, things will get better for this franchise. Someday …