VOTW – Twolves Rising Stars

While this week’s “Video of the Week” may get your blood boiling if you think back to this era for too long, it should also be a fond memory of some of the few good ole days in the Pups history. Ahmad Rashad hosted ‘Rising Stars’ and in this edition, they focused on the up and coming Twolves Rising Stars.

With Stephon Marbury joining KG and Googs, things looked to be on the up and up and the promise land would be reached in only a matter of time. We know what happened not too far down the road, but rather than focus on the negative, let’s remember the good days of this version of the big three.

I tend to forget how good Gugliotta was while he was playing for the Wolves. He was good for a solid 17 & 8 or so every night during his tenure. KG was making his meteoric rise and the pairing with Marbury injected a level of hope the franchise had never sniffed prior.

Enjoy this week’s VOTW – including interviews from Flip and McHale and awkward celebrations from Googs and the team.