VOTW – George Mikan

Here’s a real throwback for you – a relatively quick reel on Minnesota’s greatest basketball player, George Mikan.  “The NBA’s first superstar” was the dominant force of the newly named/formed NBA in 1949.  His career numbers tell the story for itself, as Mikan led the Minneapolis Lakers to the NBA title in 1950 and 1952-1954 (along with a BAA title in 1949 – the season before the merger with the NBL).

This YouTube clip starts off with the commercial Mikan filmed for/with Sportscenter – back when SC as I knew and loved it existed.  How often do you find yourself saying “remember when they used to use the chest pass” and other ‘throwback’ moves.  (Insert praise for Ricky Rubio here)

You have to love the story in the clip regarding playing his brother and breaking his nose during one of their match-ups on the court and then telling his mother that he would do the same to her if she had been out there.  That is a level of desire that only the true greats possess.

Take a trip down Nostalgia Avenue for a few minutes with this clip.  Timberwolves fans, please note that there was a bright spot in Minneapolis basketball, it just happens to be back in the 1950’s.  All we can do is sit and wait for these great moments from the Pups.