Timberwolves VOTW: Doug West Highlights

Continuing our throwback theme thanks to the power of the Internet and Youtube, here we find a nice highlight reel and collection of one of the greatest Wolves of all time, Doug West. This seems like an appropriate time to remind you of one of the first articles I wrote for Timberpups was my first and second all-time teams which included Doug West. As you can see in this video, Doug had tremendous athletic ability back in the day.

West was an original Pup, drafted in the 2nd round of the team’s first NBA draft in 1989. While it took him two years to adjust to the NBA and “get it”, he went on to have four solid seasons with the team between’91/’92 through 94/’95. After several down seasons, he was traded to the Vancouver Grizzlies for Anthony Peeler before the trading deadline on 2/18/98.

Enjoy the highlights!