Timberwolves Video of the Week: Wolves Devour Pelicans 2/3/13

Welcome back to our Timberwolves Video of the Week (VOTW) series and what a better way to re-launch the series than with visual highlights from a much needed win against the Hornets last Saturday.  The Wolves were on a six game losing streak going into last Saturday’s match-up.  However, they got off to a fast and furious start and never looked back.  It was the first comfortable win for the team in quite some time.

As you will see in the highlights, the Unicorn looks to be making his way back to form.  Shades of Pistol Pete are showing up more frequently as the weeks go by and it looks like Rubio’s confidence is starting to grow in his legs. It is always nice to get a win, hopefully we see a bit more of it this homestretch. 

Let’s go Wolves!