To play, or not to play?


To play, or not to play, that is the question;

Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to play back to backs

Against the Orlando Magic and Miami Heat,

Or to take rest against the sea of competition,

And by opposing the NBA rest him? To rest, to heal, no more…?

Sorry for the Shakespeare spin off, but the Timberwolves are looking at an interesting dilemma; How to manage Ricky Rubio’s playing time? Rick Adelman has been very clear that he has no intention of rushing his Spanish PG back into the mix of things and has developed a plan with his staff that should ease Rubio back. Adelman wants to limit Rubio to around 18 minutes in the early goings, along with high possibilities holding him out of back to back games until he is in game shape.

This brings me to my main point, what will the Wolves do with Rubio for the current back to back with Orlando and Miami? If it was my decision I would play him both nights, but that’s not realistic and I’m selfish. If Adelman was to follow his plan, Rubio would play tonight against the 10-13 Magic, also meaning he would not play against the Defending Champs. No Ricky vs. The Heat, I don’t know how well that would fly. I believe in this team, and even without Rubio they will come out and compete, but is it worth it?

At first thought, I want Rubio playing in the game. But is it worth risking his health……no. But if we don’t play him will the NBA (David Stern) come down on the Wolves? This game has been voted by the fans to be broadcasted on NBA TV for fan night. As we all recall not only a few weeks ago the San Antonio Spurs got a slapped with a fine of $250,000 for resting their star players for a nationally televised game against oddly enough, the Miami Heat. But, with Rubio returning from injury, and the poor timing /unlucky scheduling of the fan selection, it would be ludicrous for the NBA (David Stern) to be upset. So that shouldn’t be an issue…

So why not rest Rubio for tonight’s game and save him for the bout with the Defending Champs? It makes sense; we would want to be at our best against the better team right? Well thinking about it, both opponents are in the East so if we lost one game (hope not) it wouldn’t matter which team. So if Rubio plays against the Magic, I would bet the Wolves have a good chance of winning, and say he rest against Miami, it would a chance to pull off a very challenging and impressive win regardless. I would prefer to see the Wolves win both, but if they had to lose short-handed, I would rather it be against the Heat then the Magic.

It’s hard to not want Rubio for the Heat game; I remember the impressive 90-75 victory on November 7th against the Magic with neither Love nor Rubio, so why couldn’t it happen again? I guess we will have to wait and see, Rubio is listed as available for tonight’s game , and it’s not in question if Rubio wants to play both games, but like Rubio we will have to believe the Coaching staff will do what is best.

This team has proven to have heart, confidence and determination when it steps onto the court (which MN hasn’t seen in years), if a player goes down, the team steps up. They don’t fall easy and whichever plan Adelman goes with, this team has the opportunity to win both games.


  1. John says

    Rubio provided a few comments in the post-game that suggest he wasn’t very comfortable. Captain Obvious reporting for duty with the following – this isn’t good. There’s no reason to play him tomorrow against Miami at this point. Take the loss and limit the Kirilenko’s minutes as well.

    Playing Rubio tonight made a lot of sense and you would like to think that he gives the team its best chance to beat opponents. It just didn’t pan out this evening.