Timberwolves VOTW: Ricky Rubio Backyard Wrestler

    As we get closer and closer to Ricky Rubio’s return to the court, Foot Locker has launched a new ad featuring the Pups Boy Wonder.  Personally, I think the ad is hysterical but I’m admittedly terribly bias towards anything Rubio is involved with.

    It is pure genius when they cut to the backyard and Rubio “kinda sorta” screams while flexing his muscles.  I can’t imagine how many parody videos that two second clip is going to be a part of for years.  In fact, I nominate that little clip to be used at the start of pregame introductions at the Target Center – at the very least, the first time Ricky is suiting up for the game.  Agree or disagree?

    There were several comments about the ad and it not being a good idea for Ricky to be doing the fake wrestling skit while rehabilitating his knee.  I couldn’t tell if that was oozing with sarcasm or just negativity.  If it was the latter, please loosen up people.  Please, for the good of this country.  (Steps off pedestal)

    Hope to see Ricky in a few more commercials in the near future as the rest of the basketball world is able to take notice of the highlight reel he’s capable of putting in every time he steps on the court.  We’ll just stand by and count the days until his return.