Poll Results: Ricky Rubio More Important than Kevin Love?

Photo Credit - Pioneer Press: Sherri LaRose-Chiglo

Photo Credit – Pioneer Press: Sherri LaRose-Chiglo

The poll results are in and the fans have spoken. We asked you who you think is more important to the Timberwolves in terms of winning games, Kevin Love or Ricky Rubio. Well, here are the results:

Ricky Rubio – 41 votes (77%)

Kevin Love – 12 votes (23%)

It is pretty interesting that more than three-quarters of respondents thought that Rubio, who played in just 41 games in his rookie season and is currently in his comeback from ACL surgery, was dubbed to be more important to the Wolves winning games than the now perrenial all-star that K-Love has become.

Perhaps it is the ill-advised comments concerning his future in Minnesota that has caused many Wolves fans to choose Ricky over Love, but I like to believe that people are beginning to realize that Love’s poor defense and selfish tendencies can at times be very detrimental to the team while inhibiting the Pups from playing team basketball.

As many realize, I tend to be very critical of various aspects of K-Love’s game – not that I believe we would be better off without him (I believe the very opposite, in fact), but that I believe that it is my job as a fan of Love and the Timberwolves as an organization to be very demanding from any player who receives a max contract. To me, making max contract money should mean that the player never takes a play off or does not hustle back on defense, as we have seen with Love far too often. I will never have a major problem if Love has a poor shooting night, so long as he is giving the amount of effort on the defensive end that so many of his teammates give on a nightly basis.

Which brings me to Rubio. From the time that Ricky arrived in Minneapolis, he has been nothing but smiles, positivity, hard work and devotion to the game of basketball. He has truly been an inspiration to all Minnesota sports fans alike, and went from a guy who was heavily criticized for his “over-hype” to a real sports hero for an NBA organization that needed it most. The way that the Timberwolves fan base has gotten behind Tricky Ricky has been not only amazing to witness, but a great joy to be apart of. While Rubio has had a tough start to the season in his recovery, there is no question that once he regains his lower body strength and conditioning he will once again be the one deciding games late in fourth quarters. In the words of Ricky himself….


  1. John says

    As Ricky’s minutes start to trend upward I think we’ll start to see why fans believe he’s more important than Love. This team should start winning at a greater frequency and put themselves into position for the playoffs. I happen to completely agree with the results of the poll. Love’s a great player, a franchise player nonetheless, but Ricky can take this team to a whole other level with his “it” factor.

  2. dattebayo says

    If your standard for franchise players is Lebron James, than there are only a handful of players deserving of a max contract and neither one of those will put on a Wolves jersey in the near future.
    Kevin Love improved every year and last season he was an offensive juggernaut 2nd only to Nowitzki, on a team that couldn’t space the floor and was in the bottom third in FG% (27th) and 3P% (24th). He has more than enough flaws to not be deserving of that max contract, but he is the Wolves best player and he is only 24 years old. Rubio brings a certain flair and excitement with him that raises the team’s spirit and elevates everyone’s play, he is also fundamentally sound in most of the things he does. None the less he is not a franchise player yet and I don’t think he will get to that level in the next 2-3 years when his contract is up. He just lost a year of development because of his knee injury and there is no telling if this was an anomaly or if he is an unfortunate player, that will have to deal with several injuries like that over the course of his career.
    I think Love should have gotten the max, but when you look at how poor of a start he had in this season, it’s a hard case to argue. Time will tell whether Love’s deal was a good decision or not and no matter what, I will still root for the Wolves.

    Happy Holidays everybody!

    • Johm says

      I agree that Rubio isn’t a max player yet as well, but my expectations are for him to get there quickly (next season). I think they both could earn/deserve the max contract. In theory, I 100% agree with the point of LeBron and about a handful of others are max players, but when Roy Hibbert and players of his ilk are getting max contracts it is hard to defend not having them out to a number of others.