Timberwolves Video of the Week: Top 10 Plays of 2012

In my continued quest to come up with more relevant Videos of the Week for today’s team/roster, this week’s VOTW is a top ten highlight reel from last year’s season.  A few thoughts from the selections made by the team at the NBA:

  • #10 is a block from behind by Anthony Randolph.  On principle, a top 10 countdown from last year’s team should not include anything from AR-15.  We couldn’t put another lob from Ricky to DWill here, really?  It’s also a bit funny that the announcer originally gives credit for the block to Tolliver.
  • #9 and #8 are Kevin Love highlights from his 50 point game in OKC.  These really could have been combined into one.  In aggregate, this performance should be #2 in the list in my opinion.  Also, did we not have 50 lob passes from Rubio to choose from or would that have been too boring?
  • #7 and all the way down through #3 focuses on Ricky Rubio-related highlights.  I guess that answers the question above.  God I love watching this kid play basketball!
  • #3 and #1 could have been combined as well since they include the two big shots from our two big studs to catch and beat the Clippers.
  • #2 is a little anticlimactic from a highlight reel perspective, even if it is a game winner from Ridnour.

In any case, this is just a small sample of how much fun this team was from when they inserted Rubio in the starting lineup until that fateful day when Kobe stuck out his leg and ruined the Pups season.  (I’m only being slightly facetious here)

Let’s go Wolves!