Timberwolves Video of the Week: Jonny Flynn Signs in Australia

    Another Timberwolves lottery pick is now out of the NBA, as earlier this month Jonny Flynn signed with the Melbourne Tigers in Australia’s NBL.  In his press conference, Flynn portrays the likeable persona that enamored David Kahn to select him with the 6th overall pick in the 2009 draft.  It didn’t take long for Flynn to make a positive impact on his new squad.

    Personally, I love the decision by Jonny.  I never understood why NBA players would go play in China and similar markets, when there is a beautiful country further south.  Having been to Melbourne before, I can tell you that the city itself is both beautiful and awesome.  Flynn mentions the lack of a language barrier early in the clip as an added bonus.

    Flynn mentioned that he really only has one friend with him to Australia and that he doesn’t really have much of a support group with him.  This might be a good thing and allow Jonny to really concentrate on basketball and improving his game.  He seems genuinely interested in just playing ball and not worrying about money.  Towards the end he is very honest about his stint in the NBA, including this one liner, “cheerleaders got on the court more than me”.

    Well done and best of luck to Jonny in a country that I absolutely love!