Timberwolves October 2012 in Review

To begin the month of October, John gave us his ideas on the All-Time Timberwolves 1st & 2nd Teams. Next, we revisited last year’s Timberwolves beard contest and John gave us a synopsis of the beginning of Timberwolves 2012 training camp.

Rumors began surfacing that Kevin Love was unhappy with the result of last season’s contract negotiations and would have rather preferred getting a 5-year max contract extension as opposed to the 4-year deal he received. For fun, we looked back on the botched high five hit on YouTube between former T-wolf Wes Johnson and Kevin Love.

In a miserable turn of events, Kevin Love broke his wrist doing knuckle push-ups with the initial prognosis being 6-8 weeks of missed games.

We also looked at the newest Timbertrolls video and how Kevin Love and Larry Fitzgerald teamed up to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I contributed to a NBA and Timberwolves round-table season preview post to our friends over at STOB Blog.

John gave his thoughts on where the Timberwolves stand in the Western Conference in his 2012-13 Western Conference Preview. We even went over the remarkably absurd news of Troy Hudson getting a comeback opportunity from the Timberwolves. Finally, we reviewed the Timberpups poll results for the month which gave indication that Andrei Kirilenko was the biggest offseason addition.