Ricky Rubio Injury Update: Rubio Ahead of Schedule?

Ricky Rubio Injury Update

On Monday, Ricky Rubio began a three-day visit in Vail, Colorodo to visit Dr. Richard Steadman for what may be his final checkup with the doctor before he begins contact practice with the team. The initial prognosis of having Tricky Ricky return around Christmas or later appears to no longer be the case as it is very likely that Ricky may be cleared for unrestricted contact practice beginning November 29.

After witnessing the triumphant return of Kevin Love weeks ahead of schedule, a similar optimism has become tied with Ricky’s return. Although getting back K-Love has unquestionably improved the team, it remains apparent that the platoon at PG of Luke Ridnour, JJ Barea, and Malcolm Lee is simply nowhere in comparison to what Rubio brings to the table.

David Kahn has continued to state that there remains no timetable on Rubio’s return, but after seeing Love return seemingly out of nowhere, it appears that the Timberwolves brass likes to keep this type of information under wraps. Should Ricky return to practice this Thursday, probable dates for his return are December 7 at home against Cleveland or December 12 at home versus Denver.

The Timberwolves have desperately missed Rubio’s perimeter defense and playmaking abilities on offense. To put it simply, the team flows so much better with their Spanish, floppy-haired PG on the floor and pairing him with Alexey Shved in the backcourt should be some fun to watch.


  1. John says

    Don’t forget, some of the credit is due to his backyard wrestling:


    OK, on a serious note, this needs to happen stat. There is a cautious optimism on Ricky’s return given the reports thus far. Hope we’ll have good news coming out of Vail over the next few days and as the team returns home from this road trip.