Josh Howard Signs with Timberwolves

The first shoe has dropped in the injury plagued start of the Pups season and, as Chris Broussard first reported, the team has reached an agreement with Josh Howard to join the club.  Howard has had a very solid, if not spectacular, career.  Ndudi Ebi anyone?  David Kahn again turns to past Wolves FO mistakes on draft night to try to sure up the team’s rotation as they fight through the injury bug.

Given that the Wolves were already at the roster limit of 15, this means someone has to go.  That someone is Will Conroy – a small signing that Kahn and company made this offseason to play back, back, back-up PG.  More importantly, Conroy is best buds with Brandon Roy, so that likely made their transition to Minnesota that much easier.

(I already typed the following italicized thoughts up before the team made the announcement that Conroy was waived.  I’m going to leave this in here and let others react to it.  Here are two thoughts that I had that could have been additional options as the Howard signing was announced, while the waiving of Conroy had yet to be reported. 

One option was to consider cutting Malcolm Lee instead of Conroy.  Why would the Wolves do this?  I’m not saying this is the right mindset, but there could be a level of appeasement here for Brandon Roy to keep Conroy on the squad and let Lee go to see if he can find another opportunity around the league.  Lee is clearly better than Conroy, but maybe there was something in the locker room worth trying to keep around with Conroy.  Clearly, we have an answer on that now.)

A second option, which I believe is what the team was doing in that small period of time, is having Kahn and the Wolves work the phones to try to find a team that will take on DWill, or a package of DWill and Lee for a draft pick (and/or a player if the team is looking to include two members of the current squad).  Clearly, DWill is not going to cut it in Adelman’s rotation when this team gets healthy.  Adding another veteran like Josh Howard just limits DWill’s own minutes that much more. 

So those were two additional thoughts.  I’m going to work through the NBA trade machine this weekend to come up with some deals that might make sense for DWill and put them on the site.  Let’s get back to our regularly scheduled blog entry…)

Going back to Howard, I think this is a very good deal for the Pups.  He has a high basketball IQ.  While his career has certainly started to tail off recently, he will be another veteran presence and someone that “gets it”.  He’s also playoff tested and proven.  The signing also allows Adelman to give AK47 some much needed rest, as he’s been playing 40+ mpg for the past week.

While I’ve done my fair share of questioning Glen Taylor over the years, I’m glad he was willing to make a move like this and throw some more money into the pot.  Speaking of, hopefully those issues are gone for Josh Howard and that isn’t a distraction anymore.  Yes, we’re speaking in code to close out this write-up.