Derrick Williams Trade Proposals

As you can see, even Crunch is willing to drive Derrick Williams out of town at this point.  As the Pups enter a four day stretch without a game, we wanted to tackle the most polarizing player on the roster right now.  In fact, this topic might get so heated that Big Al asks me to stop writing for the site.  We are on opposite ends of the spectrum on this one and I’ll start the conversation with a number of trade proposals that I would at least consider if I were running the Wolves.

Personally, I do not feel like Derrick Williams has a role on this team if/when the Wolves finally get healthy.  When Kevin Love returns, that gives DWill no more than 15 mpg at the PF spot, which includes moving Love over to play C at times.  DWill’s weaker position, SF, is currently loaded on the roster with AK47, Cunningham, and now Josh Howard.  The former two players in that list have outplayed DWill to this point in the season and I don’t think that can be argued.

Therefore, it is time to think hard about shipping him to another team before he gets stuck at the end of the bench and his value continues to decline.  I do believe that DWill can and will be a decent pro.  However, there aren’t many teams that are a worse fit for him.  Who could have predicted this when he was drafted?  (Raises hand, along with hundreds of others)

All of the following work within the salary cap and trade limitations according to ESPN’s trade machine.  I’ve tried to not be too much of a homer on these deals and have provided perspective on each.  In looking at potential moves, I’ve tried to find SG’s or players that can play multiple positions, given Brandon Roy’s injury and the need for another rotational SG for the team.  I’m not high on Malcolm Lee at all, so in my opinion, our only current option is Shved.  OK, enough prefacing this write-up, let’s get into the trades themselves.


DWill for Kyle Korver

Why the Pups make this deal: Korver was rumored to be joining the Wolves this past offseason and it never came to fruition.  Perhaps Kahn has kept this as an option for his club.  Korver would fill in nicely to the Wolves backcourt and seems like another good locker room guy.

Why the Hawks make this deal: You’ll see this rationale a lot, but Williams still has the potential.  If they move Horford back to the C spot, that could be a good 1-2 punch for them.  There continue to be rumors about Josh Smith being sent elsewhere as well, so this could help them push a button on that front as well.


DWill and Amundson for Gerald Henderson and Bismack Biyombo

Why the Pups make this deal: This might be the best deal I came up with from the Wolves side of things, which means I’m probably off my rocker thinking that this could happen.  The Wolves get a solid SG and a backup C that would make for a nice defensive replacement for Pek.

Why the Bobcats make this deal: As discussed earlier in the week, the Bobcats have a ton of talent in the backcourt but very little up front (despite Byron Mullens performance in Minnesota).  Biyombo is playing very little for the team right now, so there is a chance they could be down on him a bit.  Would a pick from Minnesota be enough to sweeten this deal?


DWill (and Lee) for Mike Dunleavy (and Doron Lamb)

Why the Pups make this deal: A deal for Dunleavy for DWill doesn’t seem too appealing, does it?  But what if you included Lee and Lamb in the swap?  I think that is one you have to at least consider and tell Milwaukee’s front office to hold on for a few hours while you frantically make a few more calls to find a better deal.

Why the Bucks make this deal: They would get DWill’s potential to play next to Ilyasova, while not giving up a starter in the process.  Doron Lamb is not getting any playing time in Milwaukee.


DWill and Lee for JJ Reddick

Why the Pups make this deal: I’ll probably be in the minority here, but I actually really like this deal for the Wolves.  They get another veteran presence and a very good outside shooter that can fill in at both G positions.

Why the Magic make this deal: In case you didn’t know, the Magic are rebuilding.  Is there a quicker way to get more potential on the team than last year’s second overall pick?  This deal works with and without Malcolm Lee, so the Magic can take their pick on whether or not it makes sense for his inclusion.  If anyone has a contact in the Magic front office, tell them to call David Kahn please.


DWill for Evan Turner

Why the Pups make this deal: Potential for potential with each team getting a better overall fit for what they are trying to do.  Evan Turner could see heavy minutes as a SG on the Wolves.

Why the Sixers make this deal: This would allow DWill to play heavy minutes at the PF spot next to Thaddeus Young and evens out their rotation a little bit.  They also pick up another year on the rookie contract scale by getting the #2 overall pick in the ’11 draft vs. the ’10 draft.  That’s a selling point for some owners.


DWill and Lee for Vince Carter and Brandan Wright

Why the Pups make this deal: This deal more or less throws away all future potential for a chance to win the title within the next two seasons.  I’ve never been a fan of ‘Wince’ so I don’t necessarily like this deal at all.  However, it is something worth considering as the GM of the team.  Not only do we have a few players that only have a year or two left in the tank, but the owner and head coach are also not going to be around for five more years.

Why the Mavs make this deal: Dirk is not getting any younger and can slide over to the C spot on many nights.  This gives the Mavs more productive depth in the short term and potential in the long term.


DWill and Barea (or Ridnour) for Danilo Gallinari

Why the Pups make this deal: I had to throw this one in there even though there is no chance of it happening.  Who blinks first in this deal?  The Wolves pull this off and figure out the minutes and rotation later between Love, AK47, and Gallinari.

Why the Nuggets make this deal: They would need to believe in the potential of DWill as a player than can play both F positions and another backup PG for added depth.  If money were an issue at all, they would be able to get out of Gallinari’s contract – particularly if they took back Ridnour, who has an expiring contract.


DWill for Jared Dudley

Why the Pups make this deal: Dudley would provide some much needed depth at the SG position if Roy is going to struggle all season long.  This is another deal that could/should be on the table while Kahn calls around to find any last minute deals that would qualify as “better”, but then sign off on it before DWill is riding the pine upon Love’s return.

Why the Suns make this deal: Sarver clearly wants to be the southern version of the Wolves, so why not take another tweener from its franchise?  Phoenix would take on DWill’s potential and hope that he can make it while playing next to or with Scola.  At the same time, as it is always important to Sarver, this gets his payroll down one year earlier, as Dudley’s contract goes longer than DWill’s rookie deal.


DWill (and Lee) for Tyreke Evans

Why the Pups make this deal: Simply put, Tyreke makes more sense on a healthy Wolves team than DWill.  He can play minutes at both G positions and help limit Roy’s time on the floor.  There’s still some potential here for Evans as well, even though things clearly have not worked out in Sacramento.

Why the Kings make this deal: Plain and simple, the Kings are a mess.  DWill would have to play more minutes at SF on this team as well, given their current roster.  However, it is very clear that Evans isn’t working out for them.  You have to at least consider the potential of DWill here.


DWill and Lee for Alec Burks and Earl Watson

Why the Pups make this deal: Alec Burks has really, really struggled this season and is now playing behind Hayward and Foye.  However, if you believe in his potential, he plays a position of greater need for the team right now.  The Pups would also upgrade their back, back-up PG position with Watson over Lee.  Would a pick from the Jazz be enough to make this appealing for you, because I’m sure it isn’t looking too good at first glance?

Why the Jazz make this deal: When you have an opportunity to add a 6th or 7th tweener forward, you have to take it right?  The Jazz have so many forwards on the team, but this deal could be the first domino to fall and a few more could follow.

So what do you think?  What is your favorite and least favorite move for Derrick Williams or do you have one of your own that isn’t covered above?  Let us know in the comments below.  If you don’t hear from me after this post, just assume Big Al has banned my account …