All-Time Timberwolves 1st & 2nd Teams

The team here at thought it would be a good introduction to the new site if we introduced a topic that each and every one of you has an opinion on: who would you put on your all-time Timberwolves team?  With that in mind, here are my own, personal thoughts on who should be included on this list, along with some perspective:


PG: Stephon Marbury

SG: Isaiah Rider

SF: Wally Szczerbiak

PF: Kevin Garnett

C: Kevin Love



PG: Jerome (Pooh) Richardson

SG: Doug West

SF: Sam Mitchell

PF: Tom Gugliotta

C: Al Jefferson


I know that there is going to be a lot of disagreement on this so feel free to fire away but please be gentle.  Here is some rational for each selection:

PG: I know that Stephon turned out to be criminally insane but still, when he came on board, this team finally became relevant.  Naturally, this was also largely due to the greatest Timberpup of all time, KG, but with the addition of Marbury, this team turned the corner for the first time in its history.  Aside from the relevance factor, he put up very respectable numbers while he was on the team.  The selection of Pooh was pretty tough as the Wolves have had a number of respectable PG’s on the roster over the years.  Unfortunately, none of them really have a longevity advantage over others.  So I give the nod to Pooh.  One: I want to write Pooh a few times.  Two: He put up good numbers while here (on a woeful team).  Three: He was our first draft pick.  Done and done.

SG: This was my toughest decision.  This franchise has had a terrible run at being able to draft or sign respectable SG’s.  I put Rider first due to his talent on the court.  He put up really solid numbers for three years but we know what happened during and after his time with the team.  The only reason I don’t have Doug West on the first team is because he had some really bad seasons on both sides of his run with the team.  There were other problems that came up during his time with the team, but he did have one of the longest runs with the franchise in its history and there were four very productive years.

SF: Similar to the SG position, the SF list to rummage through isn’t necessarily screaming “pick me!!”  I go with Szczerbiak here and I know that this one is likely unpopular as well.  However, the fact remains that he was one of a select few to ever represent this team on All-Star weekend and he produced the entire time he was here.  Sure, he didn’t play great defense, but he was an efficient offensive player and was a major contributor for a number of years.  My second team choice is counterintuitive to all of the arguments I’ve made thus far in terms of overall talent vs. longevity.  I’ve chosen Sam Mitchell due to the number of years he played for the Wolves and the positive contributions he made to this franchise on the court and in the locker room.

PF: So this was the easiest decision you could possibly imagine (and you see what I’ve done for the C position).  KG is the greatest Timberwolf ever and likely will be for a very, very long time.  The Love vs. KG conversation is not even permissible until the Wolves win a ring with Love or he decides to sign at least two more contract extensions.  KG leads the team in virtually everything, so I don’t think there is much reason to go any further here, aside from saying, “Thank you KG”.  Googs is put on the second team due to his consistently productive time with the Wolves as well.

C: The Timberwolves history at the five spot is so woeful that I’ve decided to bend the rules a bit here.  There isn’t a single, legitimate Center that deserves to be on any “all-time great” list.  So, I’m going to move KLove to this spot as a first teamer due to his explosive past two seasons.  He’s putting up ridiculous numbers night in and night out and excluding the few months with Rubio last season, has had virtually no one to consistently help him.  Big Al (the player, not this site’s owner) makes the second team by default.  Al had a few nice seasons here but it led to virtually nothing.  Hey, when the pool of players to select from are: Randy Breuer, Felton Spencer, Luc Longley, Stanley Roberts, Rasho Nesterovic … you get the point … you are allowed to break the rules a bit.

I did want to go a bit further and provide some honorable mentions due to their special place in the history of this franchise.  These honorable mentions are:

  1. Malik Sealy – RIP.  The only jersey currently retired by the franchise
  2. Ricky Rubio – He’ll be on the all-time 1st team in two years
  3. Tony Campbell – The hardest omission from the list relative to his SF counterparts above
  4. Sam Cassell – One great season and then ruined, but this is largely to mention the greatest dance, not only in the history of the Twolves, but of all mankind …

So there you have it, my take on who the greatest Timberwolves are / have been to this day.  What’s your take?  Let us know what you think and who you have on your own list.

Let’s go Wolves!