Timberwolves Video of the Week: KG Gets His Ring

While not fully Timberwolves-related, this victory celebration and interview with KG is a classic moment for all fans alike.  Kevin Garnett finally got his ring and his emotions and sheer joy made this an absolute joy to watch.  The Celtics returned to the top of the NBA and KG’s presence had everything to do with it.  Naturally, after this game was over, it signaled the end of my rooting for the Celtics, as that was pretty painful in and of itself.

Everything about this video captures the brilliance of KG.  Loyal to a fault, when he finally is able to speak to Tafoya, KG throws shout-outs to ‘Sota and Chicago.  I’m probably not alone in this, but there was a little piece of me that felt like the Timberwolves won that day.  I noticed how one of the people around KG tried to get the microphone out of the way, basically telling Tafoya to scram without saying a word.  However, she pressed on and waited for KG to come around.  Michele, of course, also has roots with the Timberwolves from her early career.

As many likely feel, it was great to see KG get his ring.  It would have been nice to have seen that in the Twin Cities of course, but there was still a certain level of pride felt as I watched this unfold.  If Sam Cassell’s body never folded, who knows, we could have seen that banner rise in Target Center after the ‘03/’04 season.

This offseason KG signed a three year extension with Boston and will continue to anchor that team.  When the dust settles on his playing career, I truly hope he signs a one day contract to finish with the Twolves.  “Anything’s possible!!!”