Dear Kahn: Please Do Not Sign Andray Blatche

There have been way too many “positive” articles written about the Timberwolves signing Andray Blatche and we need to ensure that there is enough of a counterargument online to this type of move, just in case David Kahn is out there and listening.

After Darren Wolfson reported the Twolves interest on his Twitter feed I started to make comparisons for the players in which the team has been linked to – Blatche, Tolliver, Hassan Whiteside, and Mickael Pietrus – and who would be the best and worst matches.  Guess where Blatche lands – the very bottom of said list.

First and foremost, Blatche is what he is at this point in his career.  While given more minutes in the 09/10 and 10/11 seasons, he put up respectable numbers.  However, the Wizards were terrible during this time and it led to virtually nothing.  Second, Blatche is known to be a bit of a coach’s nightmare.  This is the last thing Adelman needs in the locker room right now.  This team has seemingly turned a corner and needs to keep going in this direction.  They can’t afford a bump in the road / hiccup like this to get in the way.  Despite his apparent willingness to sign a veteran minimum contract, here’s why the other players mentioned above are better fits (for one reason or another) for our Timberpups:

Anthony Tolliver – Where Tolliver may fall short on vs. Blatche in overall talent, he certainly makes up for in character.  Throw in the fact that Tolliver knows Adelman’s system from being on the roster last year, and those are two big enough reasons for me to prefer him vs. Blatche.

Hassan Whiteside – There is absolutely no doubt that Whiteside has produced very little to this point in the NBA.  However, I would rather take a flyer on someone that has virtually no mileage on his body and is a developmental project.  Coming into the league, his measurements were an eye catcher.  If a player like Whiteside is willing to come here for the minimum and learn in practice under Adelman’s eye, I don’t see where the downfall is here.  If it doesn’t work out, so be it.

Mickael Pietrus – Pietrus comes from a completely different angle vs. the preceding players mentioned, as the Twolves would likely need to move Barea or Ridnour for some type of lousy pick package in order to sign him to a contract.  Pietrus has a good amount of mileage on his legs, but he could really solidify the wing rotation for the team and help limit Roy and AK47’s minutes during the regular season (and be an insurance policy if either goes down for an extended amount of time).  This seems like a long shot though, as there are less than a handful of teams that could absorb Barea’s or Ridnour’s contract.

So there you have it, three players that the Twolves have been linked to in some capacity that make a heck of a lot more sense than bringing in Andray Blatche.  Hopefully, David Kahn sees this to balance out the positivity floating around out there.

Let’s go Wolves!