Brandon Roy Finally Becomes a Timberpup

I really can’t hide my emotions on this one – I absolutely love the signing of Brandon Roy.  Sure, it is six years and a few knee procedures later, but if he produces anything this coming season, I’ll finally be able to move on from the now infamous (and tragic) Roy for Foye trade from draft night 2006.

What do I mean by “produces anything”?  I don’t expect Roy to play 30 mpg whatsoever.  I’d like to see his time somewhere between 20-24 mpg, especially for the first half of the season.  Let’s see how he is feeling the day after a game, and more importantly, after back-to-back nights.  There’s no reason to wear him out early on in the season, even if Rubio is missing from the lineup (as he likely will be).  Even in his introductory press conference, Brandon seemed to be aligned to a similar plan; he mentioned he would like to play as much as possible, but needs to be smart about it.

There were two other important sound bytes from the introductory press conference that caught my attention:

  1. Roy did go through with the Regenokine procedure.  There was, or at least seemed to be, a lot of confusion on whether or not he went through with this procedure.  Kobe went this route last year and it seemed to have helped / paid off.  I can’t pretend to be a doctor to know what this constitutes and predict its success rate, but if he’s saying that he’s healthy enough to go and our doctors have cleared him, that’s enough for me.  However, here’s an interesting video I found on a part of the procedure, referenced as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and here’s a detailed summary of the process.
  2. Our coaching staff is world class and has become a major selling point for the franchise.  Brandon mentioned Adelman, Bayno, and Porter a number of times, given his familiarity with Bayno and Porter, while knowing and hearing of great things about Adelman and his system.  This can’t be stressed enough.  We are (finally) investing good money in the right places.

Back to Roy’s signing itself; I think we can all agree that Brandon has shown that he has “it”.  That special something that few players have, the ability to shine in big moments, carry a team when it is needed, hit the game winning shot, etc. etc.  That’s “it” and that is what the Timberpups need from him.

Ideally, he’s our closer on the floor with Love and Rubio.  The player you can design plays for at the end of the half and at the end of a tight game.  Sure, Love proved that he could do this last season, but it is a lot different to have a guard with “it”.  He’ll create for himself or penetrate and kick out to an open teammate.  In fact, can we just call Brandon our “closer”?  That’s exactly what we need him to be.  It would be great if he played 30+ mpg and was playing like an All-Star again.  However, I don’t think that’s reasonable, or at the very least, fair to Roy.

Will I have my fingers crossed for Roy for most, if not all of the season?  Absolutely.  Do I think he’ll miss a game here and there to rest up?  Absolutely.  Can Roy be a very productive weapon for this team and help lead them into and beyond the first round of the playoffs?  I believe so.

What’s your take on the Roy signing?  Will he be playing for the Timberpups throughout this year … and next?  At what level do you expect him to be playing at?  Let us know what you think.