NBA Game Recap: Grizzlies 93 – Timberwolves 86

Well.. it’s late in the season and I’m running out of leads. Simply put, it was another one of those games. The game was entertaining by all means, but once again resulted in the opponents sneaking out a victory while the Wolves let another opportunity slip away in the 4th quarter. A lot of comparisons can be drawn between Minnesota and Memphis. The Grizzlies are an opportunistic team with solid interior play and a collection of young talent. What Memphis has that we don’t is a little leadership. The impact of guys like Tony Allen and Zach Randolph on a roster can’t be overstated. Looking at Memphis and the experience that the team gained with last years playoff experience reminds you of what a shame it is that the Rubio-less Wolves will likely miss out on the postseason. Yes, there is always next year, but going into 2012-13 with a few extra games and a whole lot more experience under our belt sure would have been nice.

I don’t have much to report that you haven’t heard by now, but here are a few game notes:

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  • I really enjoyed watching Mike Conley run the point for Memphis. Although he tweaked his ankle in the 2nd quarter, he played a solid all-around game. While only credited for 3 steals, he was all over the court and didn’t allow the Wolves guards to get comfortable at all. What I liked most about his performance was that he didn’t force anything or go outside of his normal game. He took mid-range shots when they were given, but otherwise distributed to the open man. His lefty shot brings me back to Terrell Brandon.. man that guy could hit a mid-range jumper. If only he could have done more than that.
  • Rudy Gay started the game 4-7, helping Memphis to an early lead. He finished the game 7-20. It really didn’t look that bad. I have no idea how he missed so many shots.
  • We had a Brad Miller sighting tonight. Miller sightings usually mean one of two things – either foul trouble or a thin bench. Tonight, it just went to show how far into the dog house Darko has wandered.
  • On a serious note, it was good to see Malcom Lee get some extended minutes. The stat line doesn’t show a whole lot, but in 13 minutes he definitely showed that he is a talented defender who could provide some versatility off the bench. With little hope of the playoffs, I am most looking forward to a) seeing how Lee finishes the season out, b) seeing if Bea-easy can somehow convince Kahn to keep him on the roster (I hope he stays around), and c) seeing how bad it will have to get before Adelman lets Darko! anywhere near the court again.
  • D-Will looked like a rookie again tonight, getting the start and playing 41 minutes. At the rate he was moving, it must have felt like twice that. Yeah yeah, he’s a rookie, and the game will slow down for him. The upcoming summer will be a great one for Williams.
  • I haven’t said a word about Love because he did what he does every night – keep the Wolves in a position to win late in the game. It’s insane that we can be accustomed to 28-11 as just another ‘Love’ type game. I just hope that getting so close to the playoffs doesn’t do him in.. It’s got to be hard to be on the verge and not make it after his first few seasons in MN.


That’s all for now. You won’t have to wait long for more Wolves action – the team is in Charlotte for a Wednesday night matchup against BISSSSSSSSMAAAAAKKKKK.