Trade Deadline Rumors: Michael Beasley on the Block

The Los Angeles Lakers have confirmed their interest in Minnesota Timberwolves SF Michael Beasley and apparently covet his skills and potential. The Lakers possess a trade exception which would allow them to acquire Beasley straight up for a draft pick or two, while absorbing Beasley’s contract. It does not appear that the T-Wolves would want to get rid of Beas simply for a salary dump or even to acquire more draft picks, as they posses more than enough young, raw talent and are looking to add veteran pieces to fill in the rest of their needs, particularly at SG.

Over the weekend, rumors surfaced that SG Kevin Martin is unhappy with Houston Rockets head coach Kevin McHale and the Rockets going forward, and wants to be traded to a winning ball club. Although he refuted the recent rumors, Martin has voiced his frustration concerning his playing time during periods of this season and a reunion with Timberpups head coach Rick Adelman would surely not be opposed by K-Mart. Martin played for Adelman in Sacremento and Houston and has enjoyed tremendous success in Adelman’s offense. The Timberwolves are in desperate need of a three-point shooting SG, and Kevin Martin would be a match made in Heaven for the young Pups. Houston apparently also values Michael Beasley (particularly after Beasley’s 34 point explosion in Houston earlier this season) and he could potentially be the piece that lands the Pups a top-level SG in the NBA.